Thanks so much for stopping by! I’m Karen Cook.

Creative Director, Experience Designer, wife and mom living in San Diego, CA.

For 15 years as an Art Director in ad agencies I managed the look and feel of brand campaigns, generated conceptual big ideas, passionately pitched
presentations and mentored talented designers. In 2018 I launched The Wyldflower Collective – where I design and create experiences for families with parents in mind.

What did I learn from launching my own Experience business? Aside from getting a Masters Degree in Adaptability – I learned that my years of experience in Branding, Art Direction and Design were the top skills that propelled my business forward into a brand that my clients love to experience.

Building a cohesive brand that actually moves people is integral to a brands success – and I’m not just talking about having a nice logo. Every touch point your customers interact with your brand should be one that makes them feel confident in what they are getting. Now, more than ever people are looking for stability – be that for your customers. Have a look around at my work and services. If you’re a Brick & Mortar – this is for you.

I’d love to help you sprinkle some magic on your brand.

Based in San Diego, CA. Contact Karen at karencookcreative@gmail.com or 973-715-0076

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